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Equipment for 2018

Tablet coating agents


  • Film coating
  • Coating tablets
  • Coating tablets
  • Film coating for tablets
The main components in most film-coated formulations are polymers, plasticizers, dyes and solvents (or the liquid phase). Polymers The ideal properties for the polymer are solubility in a wide range of solvents for the variation in the composition of the finished dosage form, the possibility of creating a coating having suitable mechanical properties, and the corresponding solubility in gastrointestinal fluids - such as not to reduce bioavailability ...

Technology Soft Gelatin Capsules


  • Soft gelatin oil capsules
  • Equipment for the production of soft gelatin capsules
  • Soft gelatin capsules for oil and fat
  • Production of soft gelatine capsules
Soft gelatin capsules may also vary in capacity, although a clear standardization, unlike hard capsules, does not exist. Suture soft capsules can hold up to 7.5 ml. The capacity of the rolls of the machine, with which the capsules are molded, filled and sealed, is measured in units called minim. In this case, 1 minim is equal to an average of 0.062 ml, and the most used sizes ...

Hard gelatine capsule production


  • Hard gelatine capsules buy
  • Production of medical capsules
  • Gelatin capsules in blister pack
  • Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules
As noted above, encapsulated dosage forms are becoming increasingly important due to their clear advantages over other dosage forms. In this section, we will consider the technology for the production of hard gelatin capsules, which are most widely used in the modern pharmaceutical industry, as well as the equipment on which they are manufactured. Characterization of the main and auxiliary substances that make up hard gelatin ...

Orientation, closing unloading, cleaning capsules


  • Capsules with Natural Dietary Supplement
  • Hard gelatin capsule filling methods
  • Technology of preparations in hard gelatin capsules
  • Production of medical capsules
There are empty capsules in the capsule bin. The capsules move down into two stores, are aligned by a sorting unit and are lowered into the corresponding cells. In the first stage of this operation, the first (inner) row of capsules is loaded, in the second, the second (outer) row of capsules is loaded. After the capsule store is a narrow calibration hole. Only geometrically correct capsules can pass through this hole ....

Hard gelatin capsule filling technology


  • Hard gelatin capsule filling methods
  • Production of medical capsules
  • Gelatin capsules in blister pack
  • Hard gelatin capsule filling equipment
Over the past few years, capsule filling technology has undergone significant changes in the pharmaceutical industry. The basic idea of ​​capsule filling has expanded from filling with solid forms to filling with liquid forms. Until recently, soft gelatine capsules were the only alternative for encapsulating sparingly soluble dosage forms. Today, new technologies have been developed for filling hard gelatin capsules with liquid medicinal substances and sealing them as an alternative ...
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