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Round bottle labeling machine WLM-76


  • Round bottle labeling machine WLM-76
  • Labeling machine for round bottles SHLM 76
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Round bottle labeling machine is used for labeling glass and plastic bottles in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The equipment automatically stops and gives a signal when problems such as the absence of a label, violation of the integrity of the label tape, label loss, emergency stop, deviations in the inverter, the absence of the printer’s copy tape, etc. are detected. The programmable computerized servo labeling system responds quickly with point-to-point high-speed label positioning, using automatic scanning and memory functions free of input and settings, and operates stably without failures for a long time, improving productivity and quality on a large scale. A highly efficient intelligent PC control system with touch control of the human-machine interface (HMI) facilitates the operator’s work. The display quickly…

Automatic plastic bottle labeling machine FE-09


  • Automatic plastic bottle labeling machine FE-09
  • Automatic plastic bottle labeling machine FE-09
  • Automatic plastic bottle labeling machine FE-09
  • Automatic plastic bottle labeling machine FE-09

The labeling machine is designed for one-sided or two-sided labeling of glass and plastic bottles, flasks, cylinders, canisters, for installation in the packaging line of gelatin capsules and tablets in plastic bottles. Automatic labeling machine for labeling self-adhesive labels bottles and vials. The economical and easy-to-operate machine is used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries for labeling medicines, cosmetics and beverages. Productivity of 150 labels per minute. Weight 250 kg. We provide a full range of services: installation, training, start-up, repair. Complies with GMP standard. We provide detailed instructions for setting up this model of labeling machine. User manual and technical data sheet in English. Before shipping, the labeling machines are checked and tested in production. Completeness and operability are guaranteed. We maintain a…

Horizontal labeling machine for round bottles WLM-85


  • Horizontal labeling machine for round bottles SCHLM 85
  • Horizontal labeling machine for round bottles SCHLM 85
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The horizontal labeling machine for round bottles is designed for labeling medical packages (for example, bottles with oral liquids, vials, ampoules), office supplies (for example, packaging for solid or liquid glue), as well as products such as batteries. The equipment is equipped with a star plate for smooth material supply and a monitoring function for automatically stopping the power supply in the absence of material. Structurally, the feeding star plate is easily dismantled, the flywheel mounting mechanism is of the lifting type, thus operation and maintenance are carried out easily and simply. Labeling method: horizontal running-in on a conveyor belt. Labeling accuracy is achieved by fixing the position of the label roll. Bottle shape: long round bottles and bottles with unstable bottoms. Material: plastic bottles, glass…