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Equipment for October 2018

Stage preparation of raw materials for the production of tablets


  • Production of bad capsule equipment
  • Tablet manufacturing
  • Tablet Production Equipment
  • Pill manufacturing technology
For most chemical and pharmaceutical preparations, the tablet production technology consists of the following separate operations: Weighing the starting material, grinding, sieving, mixing, granulating, tabletting (pressing), coating. Some of these operations in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals may not be available. The most common are three general technological schemes for producing tablets: using wet granulation, dry granulation and direct compression.

Tablets as a dosage form


  • Tablet manufacturing equipment
  • Tablet Production Equipment
  • Tablet Filling Equipment
  • Equipment for packaging tablets in blisters price
A tablet (from Lat. Tabella - a tablet, a tile) is a dosage form obtained by compressing medicinal products or a mixture of medicinal and auxiliary substances. Designed for internal, sublingual, implantation or parenteral use. The first information about tablets dates back to the middle of the 19th century. In Russia, the first large tablet workshop was opened in 1895 in St. Petersburg. Pills are one of the most common ...

Basic tablet requirements


  • Tablet production line
  • Bad equipment
  • Tablet Compression Equipment
  • Bad Production Equipment
The following requirements are made for tablets: dosing accuracy - uniformity (uniformity) of the distribution of the active substance in the tablet, the correct weight of both the tablet itself and the medicinal substances included in its composition; mechanical strength - hardness, brittleness, brittleness - characterize the quality of the tablets; tablets should be strong enough to remain intact under mechanical stress during packaging, transportation and storage; disintegration ...

Vacuum production plant for liquid and pasty products


  • Contract manufacturing ointments
  • Cream manufacturing equipment
  • Equipment for the production of emulsion ointments
  • Stages of ointment production technology
The German-Swiss company FrymaKoruma, a member of the Romaco group of companies, is well known in the global pharmaceutical equipment market. In Russia, the equipment of this company is also widely represented at many enterprises. In particular, at one of the leading Russian pharmaceutical companies of Akrikhin OJSC, the production of ointments and creams is carried out at the FrymaKoruma Disho installation. Vacuum production plant for liquid and pasty products FrymaKoruma MaxxD, ...

Diphile basics


  • Cream manufacturing equipment
  • Equipment for the production of emulsion ointments
  • Stages of ointment production technology
  • Hardware scheme for the production of ointments
The diphilic bases have a soft consistency and are easily distributed on the surface of the skin and mucous membranes. The diphilic bases are divided into two groups - absorption and emulsion. Absorption bases are hydrophobic. These are anhydrous emulsifier (SAS) hydrophobic compositions with the ability to incorporate the aqueous phase to form an oil-water emulsion system. Most often they contain mixtures of petroleum jelly, ...
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