• Роторный таблеточный пресс для таблетирования
  • Роторный таблеточный пресс для таблетирования

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Rotary Tablet Press RZS-24

Rotary automatic tablet press with pre-pressing function for the production of tablets up to 13 mm in diameter. 24 pairs of press tools are installed. The rotary tablet press is made of stainless steel. The maximum output is 43,200 tablets per hour. There is access to all parts of the press from all sides. The working area is covered with transparent plastic shields. There is a smooth adjustment of the pressing force and productivity. The main pressing force is 6 tons. Preliminary pressing force 1 ton. Suitable for the release of tablets with logos. We provide detailed instructions for setting up the press and producing tablets. Before sending to the customer, the press is checked and tested in production. Completeness and working capacity is guaranteed. We maintain a stock of parts and consumables in the warehouse. Price is indicated taking into account customs payments in Russia and delivery to the city of the client.

Price: $ 25,000

  • Information updated: 08 / 08 / 2018
  • In stock
  • Production: China

Model: Rotary Press RZS-24

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