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Automatic labeler for labeling labels on both sides on flat bottles

Automatic bottle labeler on both sides of the CTPE-84


  • Automatic bottle labeler on both sides
  • Automatic bottle labeler on both sides

The automatic bottle labeler on both sides of the CTPE-84 is used for symmetrical or asymmetric labeling of flat bottles in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical industries, and for the production of household chemicals. Multi adjustment devices guarantee symmetry of flat and rectangular bottles, straightness of bottles and high accuracy. A special pressure device aimed at ensuring stable transportation of containers from various heights and maintaining high marking accuracy. Equipped with top pressure devices, double line guide of the plastic chain, traction force of foam rollers for perfectly smooth marking. The label transfer device is equipped with a Sanyo 750W servomotor to ensure stability and high accuracy. The feed rate can reach 120 m / min. The upper pressure device is designed to ensure smooth operation of the conveyor with containers of various heights and accuracy of marking. The foam rollers are combined with a brush to ensure perfect labeling. The vertical marking is equipped with special pressure and the holding device is suitable ...