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Hydraulic Press LP-18


  • Equipment for tabletting powders into tablets
  • Equipment for tabletting powders into tablets
  • Equipment for tabletting powders into tablets
  • Equipment for tabletting powders into tablets
  • Equipment for tabletting powders into tablets
  • Equipment for tabletting powders into tablets
  • Equipment for tabletting powders into tablets
  • Equipment for tabletting powders into tablets

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Hydraulic presses for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products


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Hydraulic Press LP-18

Model of an automatic hydraulic tablet press for pressing tablets with a diameter of up to 50 mm. Up to 10 pairs of press tool can be installed. The hydraulic press is made of stainless steel. Maximum capacity is 500 tablets per hour. There is access to all parts of the press from all sides. The working area is covered with transparent plastic shields. A hydraulic station is supplied. There is a smooth adjustment of the pressing force and productivity. The main pressing force is 18 tons. Suitable for the production of tablets of various shapes with logos.

We provide detailed instructions for setting up the press and the production of tablets. Before being sent to the customer, the press is checked and tested in production. Completeness and performance guaranteed. We maintain stock of parts and consumables at the warehouse. The price is inclusive of customs payments in Russia and delivery to the buyer's city.

Whatever task you are facing, MINIPRESS is ready to take on it. We are more powerful than many competitors and our service is much more convenient. We provide customers with impressive conditions and amazingly fast fulfill orders. Our experts use the most advanced technologies in the world to select various equipment. We have everything you need for modern production at any level. And even more.

Price: $ 26,000 HOW TO REDUCE THE PRICE?

  • Updated: 08/10/2019
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  • Warranty: 1 year

Model: Hydraulic Press LP-18

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Popular Searches


Hydraulic presses for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products


Tablet technology tips


Where to find a salt pressing specialist in Kazakhstan?


Find briquetting instructions

What is included in the price

  1. Phased expert assessment your problem and a detailed discussion of solutions in 24 hours.
  2. Company selection manufacturer and conversation with the selected supplier.
  3. Selection, optimal for the client, payment scheme and delivery time.
  4. Receiving and checking equipment before sending with a video report.
  5. Consultation from our specialist with 17 years of experience  throughout the life of the equipment.

If you did not find the necessary equipment in our catalog, then call +74953643808 and we will certainly offer you what you were looking for, or we will pick up similar equipment that is suitable not only for technical characteristics, but also for price.
Guaranteed discount up to 20% on our services at the next purchase in our catalog.
Only quality equipment from trusted suppliers with many years of reputation.
Flexible payment system. Convenient payment acceptance.

Our service and customer services

To all our customers who have purchased equipment, we provide literature on the basics of tablet compression. We carry out consultations by phone and by correspondence, we help to solve the arising difficulties in the production of our equipment. We supply spare parts and consumables. We provide assistance in the implementation of second-hand hydraulic presses.
We have a large assortment of additional equipment for tablet production. At the client's request, we will select a model of tablet deduster, a vacuum system for feeding powder into press bins, granulators, powder mixers, equipment for applying shells to tablets, printers for printing logos on tablets, filling and packaging equipment for tablets.
On an ongoing basis, we produce press tools for hydraulic presses in our own production, we place orders at similar plants in India, China, and the USA.
We cooperate with manufacturers of tablet presses and supply spare parts for any model of hydraulic presses purchased in our company.


Hydraulic press "LP-18"
Number of pairs of press tool: 1-10
Maximum pressing force: 180 KN (18000 kg / cm2)
The maximum diameter of the tablets: 50 mm
Maximum tablet thickness: 30 mm
Maximum depth of backfill into the matrix: 70 mm
Maximum productivity: 500-5000 tablets per hour
Upper Punch Stroke: 100mm
Feeder hopper height: 60 mm
Main engine power: 3 kW
Overall size: 1000mm x 600mm x 1500 mm
Shipping Weight: 1200 kg

Tips for our customers

Hydraulic Press The Model LP-18 is a small, continuous automatic hydraulic press. The machine can squeeze special forms, rings, and tablets of different shapes, it is possible to print trademarks and logos on both sides of the tablet. Machine control on the "LCD" of all operating parameters can be adjusted. Bidirectional press, powerful feeder, high density powder in a tablet. Full control of the press through the LCD panel. The hydraulic press is designed for pressing tablets from powder mass. Productivity is regulated, with a maximum rate of 500-5000 tablets in 1 hour. We complete this press with molds: dies of various diameters (from 20 to 50 mm) and punches. The punches with a long body are upper and are installed in the upper part of the press. Punches with a short body and a long working part are the bottom and their task is to push the tablet out of the matrix. They are installed at the bottom of the press. The press works automatically. Before connecting the press to the network and starting work, you must carefully study the video instruction and familiarize yourself with the principles of its operation. After that, its operation will become understandable and simple for you. All adjustment work and settings are made in manual mode by rotating the wheel. Be careful when connecting the electric motor, the direction should correspond to the arrow. The powder is loaded into the press through a funnel-shaped hopper. It can be easily removed, washed and installed back. Powder is fed from the hopper through the feeder. It is possible to supply an active feeder with forced feeding of powder into the matrix. When lifting the hydraulic cylinder of the press, the powder is fed into the die, where it is pressed and, then, the finished tablet is pushed to the surface. There is a control unit on the press body. We will make any sets of press tools on order (punches and dies for rotary tablet presses).

Customer Reviews (6)

The claimed 18 tons of effort produces. The long stroke of the upper and lower punch is decent, it allows you to compress the powders with the maximum filling of the matrix.

Dmitriy  , g.Moscow

The hydraulic station needs maintenance and regular inspection by a specialist. I recommend buying consumables for the hydraulic system in advance.

Sergey Ivanovich, Tver

They planned to purchase a hydraulic press, and made a purchase in this company.
Full site, tech. support.
They work quickly on order, their manager phoned out, offered delivery information, immediately clarified everything that bothered.

DorofeiUlyanovsk region

Operational work, quality advice. I have been using MiniPress services for the second time, and the service is only improving. This time I bought a hydraulic press, for the enterprise, I am satisfied with everything.

Sobolev Denis, INAT-PharmSt. Petersburg

We purchased a hydraulic press for the manufacture of tablets in the amount of 6000 pcs. at one o'clock. Easy to use. Much cheaper than other companies.

Anatoly, Technologist, Minusinsk,

The workshop was expanded, new equipment was needed. We decided to purchase minipress from the company and were not mistaken. The hydraulic press was delivered on time. High quality equipment.

Leonid, Tomsk

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