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Automatic high speed product packaging lines

SYM-13 Automatic High Speed ​​Packaging Line


  • Automatic High Speed ​​Packaging Line
  • Packing, corking of bottles

The SYM-13 automatic high-speed packaging line is structurally composed of six parts, i.e. lid placement, lid distribution, lid hanging, lid pressing, bottle clamping and lid screwing, each of which is adjusted independently of each other depending on the containers. The machine is designed with a fairly compact structure and has a high capping efficiency. The control mechanism of this equipment uses components of world famous brands and materials in contact with bottles and caps fully comply with GMP requirements. PLC control system. Automatic rejection of tightly screwed caps or with missing foil. Swivel cap distribution method with stable and adjustable speed. This equipment is an optimized product that integrates all modern technologies for the production of such equipment, which has a simple and convenient setup and adjustable speed in accordance with the needs of customers. After entering and separating through the conveyor belt, the container enters the friction ...