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Catalog / 2019 / June (Page 32)

Equipment for June 2019

Stepper motor tape encoder NPE 8C


  • Stepper motor tape encoder
  • Print

The tape encoder with the stepper motor NPE 8C is most suitable for continuous packaging equipment in a bag of the “pillow” type; it is widely used for packaging food, cosmetics, medical devices and dressings, and other industries. The tape is protected from contamination for printing, the print quality is clear and with good adhesion. The equipment is controlled by an intelligent controller that provides stability and simplicity ...

Coding Ink Roller Labeling Machine NPE 10


  • Coding Ink Roller Marking Machine
  • Printing the date of manufacture on a medical box

Coding machine for marking with an ink roller NPE 10 - equipment of the desktop type, used to print the production date, batch number, weight, etc. The machine has features such as automatic counting, paging, temperature control, high speed and high efficiency. For printing, a solid ink roller is used to reduce costs while producing good print quality with ...

Ink Friction Coder with Ink Roller NPE 5


  • Inkjet Date Friction Coder
  • Print date and barcode

Inkjet Friction Coder NPE 5 is a desktop type equipment suitable for all types of horizontal continuous printing machines for marking production date, expiration date, batch number, etc. in the medical and food industry, the beverage industry. Removable printhead, simple structure of the replaceable ink roller, easy installation and replacement of the ink roller and fonts ....

Inkjet electric date encoder NPE 15


  • Ink roller electric date encoder
  • Print date, barcodes

The electric ink roller date encoder NPE 15 is suitable for all types of vertical discontinuous packaging machines, and is widely used in food, cosmetic, medical and other industries. As a consumable, it uses high-quality solid roller inks, which provide a clear print and, at the same time, reduce printing costs. The unique sliding print head produces precise and precise ...

NPE 2B Electric High Speed ​​Date Coder


  • Electric high speed date encoder
  • Date stamping on boxes

The NPE 2B electric high-speed date encoder is most suitable for high-speed labeling equipment. It is characterized by the original design, compact size and ease of installation. The equipment can be directly used with a high-speed labeler and the marking speed will be synchronous with the labeling machine. Using SCM technology, it allows you to increase the temperature quickly and stably, the temperature and print position are easily adjustable.

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