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Equipment for 2018

Eccentric Tablet Machine


  • Eccentric Tablet Machine
  • India production pills
  • Tablet manufacturing equipment
  • Tablet Compression Equipment
The eccentric machine is a one-position machine in which, when performing basic operations, the processing objects (tablets) do not carry out traffic. Each operation of the technological cycle is performed by a separate actuator: loading (batching), pressing, ejecting mechanisms. For such machines, it is typical that all tablets are produced on one set of a press tool.

Rotary Tablet Machines


  • Rotary tablet machines
  • Tablet technology manufacturing
  • India production pills
  • Tablet manufacturing equipment
Rotational tablet machines (RTMs), unlike eccentric machines, have a large number of dies and punches. Matrices are mounted in a rotating matrix table. The pressure in the RTM increases gradually, which provides a soft and uniform pressing of the tablets. RTMs have high productivity (up to 0.5 million tablets per hour). The technological cycle of tableting on RTM consists of a series of sequential operations: Filling the matrix with a tablet ...

Combined Process Equipment


  • vitamin tablets
  • Tablet pressing binder
  • vitamins
The SG type apparatus manufactured by NPO Pharmmedoborudovanie is used for granulation of powders in a fluidized bed, subsequent drying and dusting. This process is periodic. The casing of the apparatus is made of three all-welded sections sequentially mounted with each other. The principle of operation is as follows: 30 kg of the tablet mixture to be granulated are loaded into the food tank in accordance with the recipe. Cart with the original ...

Dry granulation of powders


  • Granulation in the manufacture of tablets
  • Pellets
  • Wet granulation
  • Granules for the production of tablets
Dry granulation is a method in which a powdery material (a mixture of drugs and excipients) is compacted to produce granulate. Dry granulation is used in cases where wet granulation affects the stability and / or physicochemical characteristics of the drug substance, as well as when the drug and excipients are poorly compressed after the wet granulation process. If medicinal substances are exposed to ...

Binders for wet granulation


  • Granulation of tablet materials
  • Granulation process in the production of tablets
  • Granulation in the manufacture of tablets
  • Tablet compression
There are some requirements for granulating liquid, one of which is that the granulating liquid should not dissolve the active substance. As the granulating liquid, water, an aqueous solution of ethanol, acetone and methylene chloride can be used. A wide range of substances is used as binding agents for wet granulation in modern pharmaceutical production, for example: starch (5-15% g / g), starch derivatives, ...
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