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Preparation of suppository base


  • Types of Suppositories
  • Suppository Options
  • Suppository production
  • Medicinal Suppositories
The stage of preparation of the suppository base begins with the weighing of its constituent components. In the first stainless steel reactor with a steam jacket, paraffin is melted, in the second reactor, the hydro fat is melted by supplying steam to the steam jacket. The heated hydro-fat is pumped into the pre-molten paraffin reactor using a pump. The mixture is heated to a temperature of 60-70 ° C and cocoa butter is added. In...

Introduction to the suppository base of drugs


  • Production of suppositories in industrial production
  • Technological scheme for the production of suppositories
  • Suppository drug
  • Suppository Composition
There are three ways of introducing drugs into a suppository base, which are determined by the physicochemical properties of the components: All water-soluble components are administered in the form of aqueous solutions; fat-soluble substances are administered in the form of fatty solutions; substances insoluble in water and fats are administered in the form of suspensions of powders triturated in bases. The resulting solutions or suspensions are called concentrates.

Classification of soft dosage forms


  • Creams Production
  • Ointment Production
  • Classification of soft dosage forms
  • Manufacture of cosmetic creams
Based on the foregoing, the following classification of soft dosage forms is proposed: 1. Ointments according to the type of base are divided into three groups: hydrophobic (lipophilic), hydrophobic absorption (emulsion) and hydrophilic ointments. Hydrophobic (lipophilic) ointments are prepared mainly on hydrocarbon bases (petrolatum, paraffin oil, paraffin) and may contain other lipophilic auxiliary substances (vegetable oils, animal fats, waxes, synthetic glycerides and ...

Technologies and equipment for the production of soft dosage forms


  • Technologies and equipment for the production of soft dosage forms
  • Equipment for the production of ointments
  • Body Cream Production Equipment
  • How to open a toothpaste production
The manufacturing process of ointments is periodic or continuous. The periodic process can be one-, two-, three-stage, etc. depending on the number of devices in which separate stages of the process for producing ointments are successively carried out. The technology for the production of ointments at pharmaceutical enterprises is carried out in accordance with the regulations. It includes the following stages: sanitization of premises and equipment; preparation of raw materials (medicinal ...

The basic requirements of gmp soft dosage forms


  • Industrial production of creams and ointments
  • Creams and ointments production equipment
  • Equipment used in the production of ointments
  • Emulsifiers in the production of ointments
In the production of ointments, creams and other soft dosage forms, there is a particularly high risk of microbial and other contamination. Therefore, special measures are needed to prevent any contamination. Soft dosage forms have specific rheological properties and in most cases are heterogeneous dispersed systems. Therefore, in order to avoid product heterogeneity due to the uneven distribution of components, the formation of gas emulsions and the destabilization of dispersed ...
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