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Equipment for October 2018

Direct powder pressing in production


  • Direct powder pressing
  • Pharmaceutical powders
  • Powders for the manufacture of tablets
  • Tablet pressing binder
Direct compression is the process of pressing granular powders. From the technological scheme for producing tablets, it can be seen that direct pressing eliminates 3-4 technological operations from the production process. The direct pressing method has several advantages, these include: reducing the time of the production cycle by eliminating a number of operations and stages; use less equipment; reduction of floor space; reduction of energy and ...

Production suppositories


  • Suppositories
  • Suppository molding
  • Suppository Packaging Equipment
  • Sale of equipment for the manufacture of suppositories
At present, automatic machines are widely used in industry for pouring suppositories, which produce suppositories in blister packs. This package is intended for packaging suppository mass in contour cells with subsequent sealing, encoding and cutting into strips of the required length. In medium-sized enterprises, suppository machines use a preformed tape, since the molding unit is sufficient ...

Suppository bases and requirements for them


  • Types of Suppositories
  • Suppository form
  • Suppositories for the pharmaceutical business
  • Suppositories of industrial production
From the physicochemical point of view, suppositories are considered as dispersed systems consisting of a dispersion medium represented by the basis of the Dispersed phase, in the role of which are medicinal substances. Depending on the properties of drugs, dispersed suppository systems can be either homogeneous or heterogeneous. Homogeneous systems are formed in those cases when the drug substance is dissolved in the base. Heterogeneous systems are formed in ...

Suppository standardization in the pharmaceutical industry


  • Diclafinac Suppositories
  • Macmirror suppositories
  • Suppository Packaging
  • Suppository Mold
All suppositories produced must meet the requirements of the State Pharmacopoeia XI: Suppositories must have a uniform mass. The homogeneity of the suppository is checked visually on a longitudinal section by the presence or absence of inclusions, pieces of the base, particles of various colors, other inclusions; in this case, the presence of an air rod is permissible. Deviations in the mass of suppositories are allowed within 5%. Suppositories must have the correct same ...

Industrial production of suppositories


  • Suppositories
  • Suppositories in a blister
  • Suppositories for the pharmaceutical business
  • Suppositories of industrial production
There are several methods for manufacturing suppositories, among them: rolling out, pressing and pouring molten mass into molds. The rolling method is often used in pharmacy practice. This method is time-consuming, low-hygienic, and the resulting suppositories are slightly different in appearance. As packaging for suppositories, waxed capsules are used. The pressing method allows the production of suppositories like tablets in eccentric (crank) tablet machines using ...
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