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Equipment for October 2018

Modern methods of drying powders


  • Powder Equipment
  • Tablet Powders
  • Powders for the manufacture of tablets
  • Industrial production of pistons
Drying is the process of removing moisture from materials using energy to evaporate moisture and from the vapors of the resulting vapors. Among the various technological processes of pharmaceutical production, drying is one of the most significant operations both at the initial and final stages of obtaining pharmaceutical products. The drying process is necessary primarily to remove moisture from the material and bring it ...

Powder packaging


  • Granulators
  • Powders
  • Industrial Powder Production
  • Powders for the manufacture of tablets
Powders are packaged in the following materials. Paper capsules. For their manufacture are used: glued paper is a pulp with a glued layer of animal glue. Such paper is mainly used for packaging hygroscopic and non-volatile powders; Waxed and paraffin paper is a glued paper impregnated with wax or paraffin. Since it does not pass moisture and gases, it is used ...

Powder production operations and equipment used


  • Powder grinding equipment
  • Pharmaceutical materials
  • Powders for the production of tablets
  • Powder materials
The technological scheme of the production of powders includes the following operations: grinding, sieving, mixing (in the manufacture of complex powders), dosing (packing) and packaging. The need to perform certain technological operations depends on the prescription, medical prescription and type of starting preparations. If the starting materials (medicinal and auxiliary substances) do not meet the required fractional composition specified in the regulations, they are crushed. Shredding refers to ...

Flowability and compressibility of powders


  • Pharmaceutical Powder Manufacturing
  • Powder substance
  • Powder production
  • Powder Equipment
When tabletting, the most important technological properties of medicinal substances are flowability, compressibility and the force of ejection of tablets from the matrix. Flowability (flowability) - the ability of a powder system to fall out of a funnel or flow under its own gravity and to ensure uniform filling of the matrix channel. Material having poor flowability can adhere to the walls of the funnel of the tablet machine, through which the material enters ...

Powder Mixing


  • Powder materials
  • Powders for the production of tablets
  • Powder granulation
  • Powder encapsulation
After grinding and sieving operations, mixing follows, the purpose of which is to obtain a homogeneous mixture of powders. Mixing is usually carried out in parallel with grinding. This leads to equalization of particle sizes and a more uniform mass. If the component contains a small amount in the mixture, then additional grinding of its particles is necessary to increase the uniformity of distribution. Moreover, the lower the concentration ...
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