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Tablets as a dosage form

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Tablets as a dosage form

Tablet (from Latin tabella – plank, tile) – dosage form obtained by pressing of medicinal or a mixture of medicinal and auxiliary substances.
It is intended for internal, sublingual, implantation or parenteral use. The first information about tablets dates back to the middle of the XIX century. In USA, the first large tablet workshop was opened in 1895 in St. Petersburg.
Tablets are one of the most widespread and promising dosage forms and, as mentioned earlier, currently account for about 80% of the total volume of finished dosage forms.
This is explained by the fact that tablets have a number of advantages over other dosage forms, namely: the accuracy of dosing of medecine substances introduced into tablets; portability of tablets, which provides convenient dispensing, storage and transportation of the dosage form; safety of medecine substances in the compressed state.
For insufficiently stable substances it is possible to apply protective shells; masking of unpleasant organoleptic properties of medicinal substances (taste, smell, dyeing ability), which is achieved by applying shells made of sugar, cocoa, chocolate, etc.; localization of the action of a medicinal substance in a certain place of the GI tract by applying shells, soluble in acidic or alkaline environment; prolongation of the action of medicinal substances (by applying coatings); regulation of the sequential absorption of individual medicinal substances from the tablets.

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Model: Dosage form of tablets

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Uncoated, coated – uncoated or coated tablets made of one or more layers of excipients. Fizzy – tablets taken after dissolution. Intestine-soluble tablets (gastric-resistant) – tablets that retain the medecine substance in gastric juice and release it in intestinal juice.
Modified-release – coated or uncoated” tablets containing special excipients or obtained by a special technology that allows the speed or location of medecine release to be programmed.
Retard tablets – tablets with prolonged (periodic) release of a medecine substance from a stockpile. They are usually microgranules with a medecine substance surrounded by a biopolymer matrix (base), where the base or microgranules dissolve layer by layer, releasing the next portion of the medecine substance. Tablets for preparation of solution, suspension, etc.

Pharmaceutical Glossary

Antifriction agents  — A group of materials that have a low coefficient of friction, or materials that can reduce the coefficient of friction of other materials.
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Technical specifications

Along with the positive qualities of tablets as a dosage form, they have a number of disadvantages, namely: during storage tablets can lose their disintegration and cemented or, conversely, destroyed; with tablets in the body introduced auxiliary substances that sometimes cause side effects (for example, talcum powder irritates mucous membranes); some medecines form in the dissolution zone of highly concentrated solutions that can cause severe irritation of mucous membranes. This disadvantage is easily eliminated if such tablets before taking crushed and dissolved in a certain amount of water; tablets can not be introduced into the body when vomiting or fainting; not all patients, especially children, can freely swallow tablets.
Tablets are flat and biconvex round, oval disks or other shaped plates. The most common form is a flat cylindrical shape with a chamfer and a biconvex shape that is easy to swallow.
In addition, from the technological point of view, such forms of tablets are the most convenient for manufacturing and packaging, as they are easily and tightly packed, in addition, punches and dies for their manufacture are structurally simpler and economically more profitable.

Additional information

Sometimes tablets may have a cylindrical shape.
The diameter of tablets varies from 3 to 25 mm, the most common tablets are from 4 to 12 mm. Tablets larger than 25 mm in diameter are called briquettes. The height of the tablets should be within 30 to 40% of their diameter.
Some tablets have inscriptions with the name of the medecine on the surface in the form of concave prints, as convex letters on the end of the tablets are more susceptible to abrasion and destruction. Tablets with a diameter of more than 9 mm have a risk (notch), which is applied to it during pressing with a punch. By notches tablets are easily broken and can be divided with sufficient accuracy into 2 or 4 doses to vary the dosage of the medecine substance.
The following classes of tablets are distinguished: Pressed tablets obtained by pressing medicinal powders on tablet machines. This method is the main method in the production of tablets.
Trituration tablets (molded, micro tablets) obtained by tabletting mass. This class of tablets is produced in cases where the use of pressure for any reason is undesirable (e.g., nitroglycerin tablets, when the use of pressure may cause an explosion), or the dosage of medecines is small, and the addition of a large number of excipients is inappropriate. The mass of such tablets may be up to 0.05 g.

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