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Bulkiness and compressibility of powders

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Bulkiness and compressibility of powders

In tabletting, the most important technological properties of drug substances are friability, pressability and the force of ejection of tablets from the matrix. Bulkiness (flowability) is the ability of the powdered system to pour out of the funnel container or flow under the force of its own gravity and ensure uniform filling of the matrix channel. Material with poor friability can stick to the walls of the funnel of the tablet machine, through which the material enters the matrix, which disrupts the rhythm of arrival and leads to fluctuations in the weight and density of tablets. Bulkiness (fluidity) of powders is a complex characteristic determined by a number of factors: dispersity and shape of particles, moisture content of masses, particle size distribution, as well as coefficients of interparticle and external friction.

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Model: Bulkiness and compressibility of powders

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Pressability can be evaluated by the compressive strength of the tablet. Pressability is characterized by the strength of the model tablet after stress relief. The better the compressibility of the powder, the higher the strength of the tablet. If the pressability is low, the tablet is not strong and sometimes completely collapses when pushed out of the matrix. Tablet strength to a certain extent determines the technology of the granulation and tabletting process. It is established that for substances with tablet strength: above 7 kg/cm2 pure solvents are used for the granulation process; if they are coarse powders with good friability, they are pressed directly, i.e. by direct pressing; at 4-7 kg/cm2 it is enough to use conventional binders; at 1-4 kg/cm2 it is necessary to use high-performance binders. Pressability is determined by the surface energy of powder materials, their plastic deformation and brittleness. Based on the results of determining the pressability of tablet masses make a conclusion about the technology of tabletting.

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Technical specifications

The factors listed above are related in a contradictory way. For example, flowability increases with increasing particle size, but at the same particle size distribution it can be different due to different specific surface area. In almost all cases, the flowability of powders, as measured by funnel flow time, decreases with decreasing particle size due to an increase in the contact area. Spherical particles have better flowability than, for example, needle or lamellar particles. A decrease in bulk density reduces fluidity, but for the same bulk density substances will have different fluidity, as it depends on the shape of the particles and the coefficients of inter-particle friction. Most often, fluidity is determined by the rate of pouring a certain amount of material (30-100 g) from a metal or glass funnel with strictly specified geometric parameters and by the angle of natural slope.

Additional information

This technological characteristic can be used in the selection of tabletting technology. Powdery mixtures containing 80-100 % of fine fraction (particle size less than 20 microns) are poorly dosed, therefore it is necessary to carry out directed particle enlargement of such mixtures, i.e. granulation. If the content of the fine fraction is up to 15 %, it is possible to use the method of direct pressing. Pressability is the ability of powder particles to cohesion under pressure, i.e. the ability of particles under the influence of electromagnetic forces (molecular, adsorption, electrical) and mechanical meshing to mutual attraction and adhesion with the formation of a stable strong pressing. In this case, the powder particles seem to fuse, stick together, adhere to each other to form a homogeneous solid.

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