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Single-punch tablet press SP-01


  • Single-punch tablet press SP-01
  • Single-punch tablet press SP-01
  • Single-punch tablet press SP-01
  • Single-punch tablet press SP-01
  • Single-punch tablet press SP-01
  • Single-punch tablet press SP-01
  • Single-punch tablet press SP-01

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Single-punch tablet press SP-01

Tablet press for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, in powder metallurgy for the production of tablets, briquettes and boluses from loose powder materials. It is used for the production of tablets with diameters from 6 to 40 mm, tablet height up to 12 mm. The maximum depth of powder filling into the matrix is 20 mm. This model of press allows to produce tablets of different shapes: classic, oval, shaped tablets and rings with inner hole. Increased maximum pressure of 2.5 tons. Suitable for producing tablets with logos. User manual and technical data sheet in English.

We provide detailed instruction on press setup and tablet production. Before shipment to the customer press is checked and tested at the production site. Completeness and operability is guaranteed. We maintain a stock of parts and consumables. The press is fully automatic, domestic production. Made of USAn stainless steel. The price is given with delivery to the city of the buyer.

Whatever task you are facing, MINIPRESS is ready to take it on. We are more powerful than many competitors and our service is much more convenient. We provide our customers with impressive terms and amazingly fast fulfillment of orders. Our specialists use the most advanced technologies in the world to select various equipment. We have everything you need for modern production of any level. And even more.


  • Information updated : 09 / 07 / 2024
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  • Manufacturer : 1 year for Single-punch tablet press SP-01

Model: Single-punch tablet press SP-01

Expert Services Index

  1. Step-by-step assessment of your task by experts and a detailed discussion of solution options within 24 hours.
  2. Company selection manufacturer and negotiations with selected provider.
  3. Selection, optimal for the client, payment scheme and delivery time.
  4. Assume responsibility and risks for delivery, insurance and customs cargo clearance in USA. Further transit to countries.
  5. Receiving and checking equipmentbefore sending with a video report.
  6. On arrival in USA delivery of equipment to your door.
  7. Consultation from our specialist with 20 years of experience throughout the life of the equipment.
  8. Export to any world countries. Air, sea and road transport with the necessary documents.
  9. Equipment on lease with an advance payment of 10%. Convenient payment schedule. No limit. Approval for three documents: passport, lease agreement and extract. We cooperate with leasing companies.

If you did not find the equipment you need in our catalog, then call +79853643808 or make a request in the tab “Request a Call” and we will definitely offer you what you were looking for, or we will select similar equipment that will suit not only the technical characteristics, but also the price.
Guaranteed up to 15% discount on our services when subsequent purchase in the pharmaceutical equipment catalog.
Only quality equipment from proven suppliers with a long-term reputation.
Flexible payment system. Convenient payment acceptance for customers.

Our service and customer service

All our customers who have purchased the equipment, we provide literature on the basics of tablet pressing. We provide consultations by phone and by correspondence, we help to solve the arising difficulties in production on our equipment. We supply spare parts and consumables. We render services in assistance in realization of used tablet equipment. User manual and technical data sheet in English.
We have a wide range of additional equipment for tablet production. At the customer’s request, we will select the model of tablet dedusters, vacuum system of powder supply to the press hoppers, granulators, powder mixers, equipment for coating tablets, printers for printing logos on tablets, filling and packaging equipment for tablets.
On a permanent basis we manufacture press tools for rotary tablet presses at our own production facilities, we place orders at similar production facilities in India, China, USA.
We cooperate with tablet press manufacturers and supply spare parts for any model of rotary tablet presses purchased in our company.

Pharmaceutical Glossary

Medicine production  — Highly profitable branch of pharmaceutical business associated with the technological processing of medicinal and chemical raw materials with the production of finished dosage forms: tablets, capsules, ointments, suppositories, dragees, briquettes, tinctures, decoctions, syrups, granules, powders, drops and mixtures.
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Technical specifications

Single-punch tablet press “SP-01”
Maximum compression force: 25 KN (2500 kg/cm3)
Maximum tablet diameter: 40 mm
Minimum tablet diameter: 5 mm
Height of finished tablets: up to 12 mm
Maximum filling depth of the matrix: 20 mm
Tablet press capacity:
3600 tablets per hour , diameter from 5 to 20 mm
2000 tablets per hour, diameter from 20 to 40 mm
Electric motor: 1.1 kW, 1400 rpm, 220V or 380V
Overall dimensions: 600mm x 750mm x 500mm
Tablet press weight: 90 kg
Weight with packaging: 120 kg

Additional information

This model of tablet press is developed and produced for a long time by MINIPRESS company in USA. After many modifications it is one of the most popular, reliable and versatile models we recommend to our customers. To service this press you will need a set of wrenches: hexagonal wrenches #10,8,6 and two horn wrenches #17 and 19. Single-punch tablet press SP-01 is a single punch, crank eccentric press. The principle of its operation is quite simple: a pulley is attached to the motor shaft. The rotation is transmitted via a belt drive to a large flywheel, on the shaft of which a small bronze gear is mounted. From the bronze gear, the rotation is transmitted to a large gear, on the shaft of which is dressed directly eccentric itself. It drives the upper punch and creates the necessary pressing force. The frame of the tablet press has a stand for the electric motor, fixed with two screws. The belts can be tensioned by loosening the motor mounting screws due to the slots in the stand. The tablet press and the stand have height-adjustable feet, which help to stabilize the press. It is not recommended to tighten the straps too much, their function is to unwind the large flywheel, not to apply direct pressure. The flywheel, spinning like an eccentric, transmits rotation with centrifugal force to the axle and then to the gears. The handwheel is equipped with a removable handle, which can be inserted into a special hole for debugging work. After adjusting the pressure in manual mode, this handle must be removed to avoid injury when the motor is switched on. Powder feeding system: a large hopper is fixed on the press bed, from which a flexible corrugated hose goes directly to the foot, which feeds the powder into the pressing zone. We use a corrugated hose rather than a smooth-surfaced hose in order to create additional movement and avoid powder sticking. You can use any hose you see fit. The large gear has a contoured groove in which the roller of the part that drives the hopper foot moves. Through the base of the press bed is the bottom punch holder. Part of the punch is located in the matrix, which ensures its positioning. The upper punch is located in the pusher rod, where there is a part with a thread, by changing the position of which relative to the eccentric, dressed on the gear shaft, the depth of powder pressing by the upper punch is regulated. The kinematic scheme of the press is as follows: the electric motor, through the transmission belts, unwinds the flywheel, whose rotation is transmitted to the shaft, a small brass gear, a large steel gear, on the shaft of which is dressed eccentric with a sleeve and adjusting screw in it, and, directly, the pressing force is transferred to the upper punch holder. During the pressing process, the upper punch enters the die, which is fixedly attached to the platen, which can be moved in all directions during the adjustment process to center the upper punch with the hole in the die. The tablet press is also equipped with a system for adjusting the die and the lower punch, which makes it possible to vary the depth of lowering of the lower punch within the die, and thus to produce tablets of different weights and thicknesses. The weight of the tablet is regulated by the position of the lower punch inside the die, and the pressing force is regulated by changing the position of the upper punch holder and adjusting the depth of its sinking into the die. Inside the eccentric of the press there is a bronze sleeve in which a screw with a large thread pitch is screwed in and ends with a ball-shaped head, which is installed in the pusher and provides mobility. By adjusting the position of this screw, the depth of plunge of the upper punch into the die can be adjusted. The bronze bushing has a longitudinal cut and a transverse groove through which passes a bolt fixing the bushing in the eccentric. When tightening the edges of the housing by the locking bolt, the bushing screw is crimped and secured against turning. The essence of operation of this unit is that when adjusting in manual mode, the bushing fixing bolt is loosened and the screw is allowed to undergo adjustment. Having reached the required value when making a trial batch of tablets it is necessary to fix the screw of the bushing by crimping the fixing bolt. Bronze bushings are pressed inside all parts of the press, of which the shaft is a part. The press does not include bearings and the eccentric is seated only on bronze bushings, which ensures maximum durability of the equipment. All parts of the tablet press in contact with powder – table with fixed die, upper and lower punches, upper hopper – are made of food-grade stainless steel and have a certain hardening (dies – 50 units, punches – 65 units), which meets all the standards required for the production of tablets. The SUPER PRESS tablet mill is equipped with an operator’s protection against injuries – co.

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