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Fluidized bed coating application


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Fluidized bed coating application

Film coating is carried out in apparatuses for combined granulation, drying and coating processes. The distinctive feature is the lower position of the nozzle. There are two options for organizing the process: applying the film coating directly on crystals or granules containing the drug substance; conducting a preliminary stage – layering of the drug substance on inert particles (most often used pellets), after which the film coating is applied. During the coating process, the particle layer is placed in a fluidized bed apparatus.

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Understanding the physicochemical properties of auxiliary substances and how the substances affect the film formation process is necessary for the technologist to find the reasons for the formation of poor quality coatings, e.g. uneven coloring, cracking. A relatively new process is the dry film coating process. In this process, the encapsulated particles are preheated and then powdered in a fluidized bed with finely dispersed polymer powder and a liquid plasticizer is dispersed on them, which provides adhesion of polymer particles to the surface of the granule. As a result of partial melting of the polymer in contact with the heated surface, a coating is formed.

Pharmaceutical Glossary

Articles  — A genre of journalism in which the author sets the task of analyzing social situations, processes, phenomena, primarily from the point of view of the regularities underlying them.
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Technical specifications

The drying agent heated to a certain temperature is fed from the bottom of the chamber through the gas distribution grid. Manufacturers of pharmaceutical equipment pay great attention to the fluidized bed hydrodynamics: ensuring uniform toroidal movement of particles through a special design of the gas distribution unit or the use of a Wurster nozzle. This allows to create a rarefied zone in the center of the apparatus, in which during the movement of particles there is practically no collision and, as a result, the polymer drops have time to dry, forming a uniform film coating.

Additional information

The temperature of the drying agent is selected so that, on the one hand, to provide energy supply sufficient for intensive solvent removal, and on the other hand – not to exceed the glass transition temperature of the polymer used, to avoid possible overheating of the material, which is especially important in the production of preparations containing thermolabile drug substances. Duration of the coating process depends on the required thickness of the coating. Of great importance is the composition of the film-forming material, which in addition to the polymer itself may contain various auxiliary substances.

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