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Granulation and fluidized bed drying

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Granulation and fluidized bed drying

Fluidized bed (FL) granulation allows mixing, granulation, drying and powdering operations to be combined in a single apparatus. Therefore, the fluidized bed granulation process is increasingly used in the modern pharmaceutical industry. The process consists of mixing powdered ingredients in a suspended bed followed by their moistening with granulating liquid under continued agitation. A fluidized bed is formed when upwardly directed air lifts a layer of solids that begins to “boil” like a liquid. The layer is in a state of fluidization. The forces acting on the particles in the fluidized state are in equilibrium. The particles in the fluidized bed mix so efficiently that the temperature remains constant over the entire height of the fluidized bed. General design of a fluidized bed apparatus in which tablet mixtures are mixed, granulated and dried.

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In both cases there is a fine powder in fluidized bed and a granulating liquid atomized to the required degree of dispersion. The granulating liquid is atomized using nozzles, which are a very important part of any combined granulation and fluidized bed drying equipment. Different types of nozzles are used in production. There are: single-liquid nozzles, in which only liquid is atomized and high pressure is required; two-liquid nozzles, in which liquid and air are mixed and atomized, mixing in the external environment (externally mixed nozzles) or inside the nozzle (internally mixed nozzles). Depending on the nozzle type, different atomization modes are used. Different nozzle types are used at different mix pressures and depending on the consistency of the final product.

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Technical specifications

The process in the PS apparatus consists of four stages: Mixing is the first technological operation affecting the granulate quality. The uniformity of mixing depends on the aerodynamic mode of the apparatus, the ratio of components in the mixture, the shape and density of particles. At the stage of adding granulating liquid there is clumping of particles of granulated mass due to the bonding forces of both the liquid itself and the solution formed by wetting the surface layer of the processed material with this liquid. At the drying stage, the lumps turn into solid agglomerates, partially destroyed by friction between themselves and with the walls of the apparatus. The process of granulation in fluidized bed occurs simultaneously with drying of the resulting granules with hot air. The finished granulate is dried to the optimum moisture content. Powdering of the dried granulate takes place in the same apparatus. The obtained dried granules may have a rough surface, which makes it difficult to pour them out of the feed hopper into the matrix of the tablet machine in the process of tabletting.

Additional information

In addition, the granules may stick to the die and punches of the tablet press, which can cause both weight disturbances and some defects in the tablets. To avoid these undesirable phenomena, the operation of “powdering” the granulate is resorted to. This operation is carried out by free application of finely ground substances to the surface of the granules in a periodic mode. By powdering, sliding and loosening agents are introduced into the tablet mass. Formation and growth of granules in the fluidized bed occurs due to two physical processes: wetting clumping and sticking with subsequent agglomeration. The quality of granules and their fractional composition depend on many factors determining the course of the granulation process, the main ones being the velocity of the liquefying gas, the composition and feed rate of the granulating liquid, and the temperature in the bed. There are two hypotheses about the mechanism of granule formation in fluidized bed: granulation centers in fine powder are droplets of granulating liquid; granulation centers are particles of a certain size introduced into the disperse composition of the powder.

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