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Encapsulation by fluidized bed coating method

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Encapsulation by fluidized bed coating method

Fluidized bed coating of fine particles at supercritical conditions is a new emerging technology for the encapsulation of thermolabile products. Supercritical fluids are unique solvents because their densities are similar to those of liquids, while viscosity and diffusion coefficient are close to these values for gases. Atomization of supercritical solutions allows the production of submicron-sized droplets and particles, as well as sputtering on and on, other particles. Since the cohesive and adhesive forces for supercritical solutions are small compared to those for organic solvents, the capillary compression force is negligible.

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Thus, the new technology of fluidized bed encapsulation under supercritical conditions allows coating thermolabile materials with particle sizes not exceeding 100 μm without particle agglomeration. The technology is increasingly being introduced into modern pharmaceutical production and requires further study to obtain effective and safe new generation drugs. Nowadays, the encapsulation process has gained new development due to the possibility of changing the pharmacological properties of drugs and the development of innovative equipment. Solid, soft and liquid active drug substances can be encapsulated in different types of shells, so this material is highlighted in a separate chapter.

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Technical specifications

This feature allows particles smaller than 100 µm to be encapsulated in the fluidized bed without forming agglomerates. At the same time supercritical fluid is used both as a solvent for the dispersed solution and as a fluidizing agent. This unit consists of three blocks: carbon dioxide supply system; extractor, in which carbon dioxide saturation with coating material takes place; high-pressure reactor. The volume of the reactor is 500 cm3; the maximum pressure in the system is 30 MPa, the maximum temperature is 373 °C. Prior to the process, the reactor is loaded with encapsulated material.

Additional information

For fluidization of the particle bed, pure carbon dioxide is fed from the bottom of the apparatus through the perforated bottom. It is experimentally confirmed that with increasing pressure in the system the minimum fluidization rate decreases. The encapsulation process starts after thermal equilibrium is established in the reactor. The carbon dioxide passes through an extractor where it is saturated with the coating agent and dispersed by a nozzle in the reactor. The dispersion results in submicron-sized droplets that settle on the surface of the particles and spread to form a thin film. After coating, the particles are allowed to dry.

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