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Coatings that provide medicine substance release


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Coatings that provide medicine substance release

With this type of coating, the drug substance from the tablets can be released instantly. These types of coatings include polymers developed by BASF: polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), Kollicoat IR white and Kollicoat Protect. PVA-based films are very flexible, but the coating process is only possible within a narrow range of process parameters.
This polymer is quickly dispersed in water during the preparation of the film coating dispersion and forms shiny, non-sticky and very flexible films that do not crack during storage. It does not require the addition of a plasticizer to create the coating. Kollicoat IR can be substituted for HPMC and other immediate-release coatings in new tablet formulations. The use of Kollicoat IR improves the economics of the tablet coating process compared to HPMC.
The coating process using the polymer with achieving the best surface quality is possible in a wide range of process parameters. Kollicoat Protect, which is a combination of Kollicoat IR and PVA. The finished film is very elastic. High quality films can be obtained in a short time, and the range of process parameters for the process is quite wide. Coatings for sustained (continuous) drug release.

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As a result of the first four examples, the coated particles can be either compressed into tablets or placed in hard gelatin capsules. The drug substance-ion exchange resin complexes can be dispersed in viscous liquids to form liquid suspensions. It is important to recognize the fact that a sustained-release dosage form usually contains an extremely high amount of drug substance, which can cause problems if the initial dose is released quickly. This phenomenon is called “dose release” and can be eliminated if: the film coating is mechanically strong and moisture resistant; the application of the film to the material is uniform; and the drug substance is not chewed (crushed) before swallowing. Coatings providing delayed (delayed) release of the medicinal substance. When using dosage forms with delayed (delayed) release of a medicinal substance, the duration of action of the medicinal substance is increased by prolonging its release. As such a coating can be used a polymer brand Kollicoat SR 30D, the formulation of which consists of polyvinyl acetate (27%), KZO povidone (2.7%) and sodium lauryl sulfate (0.3%) as stabilizers and water (70%).
Kollicoat SR has good film-forming properties, swells easily in water, has pH-independent action and provides a strong stable delayed-release effect of the drug.

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Technical specifications

This type of coating is used in prolonged release dosage forms where an initial dose of a drug substance is released into the body and the remaining (maintenance) doses are released at a constant rate to ensure that the desired therapeutic concentration is maintained. Dosage forms with continuous, evenly prolonged release provide a sustaining effect of the drug substance. They are more effective than forms with periodic release, as they provide a constant concentration of drug in the body at the therapeutic level without pronounced extremes, do not overload the body with excessively high concentrations. Dosage forms using sustained-release coatings avoid the need for repeated administration of the drug into the body, especially for those medicine that require maintaining a constant concentration in the blood for a long period of time. In addition, sustained release is used for high-dose medicine, the rapid release of which causes undesirable side effects (e.g., ulcer formation with rapid release of potassium chloride in the GI tract). Methods of creating drug products with sustained release of the drug substance include: increasing the particle size of the drug substance; placing the drug substance in a matrix; coating the drug substance or a dosage form containing the drug substance; and forming complexes of the drug substance with materials such as ion exchange resins.

Additional information

Materials suitable for sustained-release coatings are: a mixture of waxes (e.g. beeswax) with glycerol monostearate, stearic acid, palmitic acid, glycerol monopalmitate and acetyl alcohol. They form polymers that dissolve slowly or degrade in the GI tract; shellac and zein, which do not degrade at low pH values; ethylcellulose, which forms a membrane around the dosage form that does not degrade in the GI tract. However, it is permeable to water, which dissolves the drug substance, as a result of which the latter diffuses into the GI tract; acrylic resins, the mechanism of action of which is similar to the action of ethylcellulose, i.e. there is a controlled diffusion of the drug substance through the coating; cellulose acetate (diacetate or triacetate); silicone elastomers. The development of sustained-release medicine using film coating technology can be accomplished by various methods, such as applying suitable film coatings to: dry granules (both heterogeneous and spheronized); microspheres containing the drug substance or coated with the drug substance; crystals of the drug substance; drug substance-ion exchange resin complexes; tablets (including minitabs).

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