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Spray granulator CJM-40P

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Spray granulator CJM-40P

The spray granulator is designed for making dry beverage granules, tablet and capsule raw materials, slow release granules, fast dissolving food and beverage granules, chemical granules, etc. Fluidized bed granulator uses high-speed hot air flow to fluoridate and granulate with a spray of binder fluid. Granule size can be adjusted by temperature, atomization pressure and amount of binder fluid. Combined spraying, drying, mixing and pelletizing functions in one machine. Making granulate with few auxiliary materials, small number of doses, low sugar or no sugar at all. Granulate dissolves instantly, dry drinking preparations dissolve easily. The machine operates under negative pressure, has a smooth and clean inner surface without dead corners, easy to clean. Fully complies with GMP requirements. User manual and technical data sheet in English.

Whatever task you are facing, MINIPRESS is ready to take it on. We are more powerful than many competitors and our service is much more convenient. We provide customers with impressive terms and amazingly fast turnaround times. Our specialists use the most advanced technologies in the world to select various equipment. We have everything you need for modern production of any level. And even more.


  • Information updated : 09 / 07 / 2024
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  • Manufacturer : 1 year for Spray granulator CJM-40P

Model: Spray granulator CJM-40P

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  1. Step-by-step assessment of your task by experts and a detailed discussion of solution options within 24 hours.
  2. Company selection manufacturer and negotiations with selected provider.
  3. Selection, optimal for the client, payment scheme and delivery time.
  4. Assume responsibility and risks for delivery, insurance and customs cargo clearance in USA. Further transit to countries.
  5. Receiving and checking equipmentbefore sending with a video report.
  6. On arrival in USA delivery of equipment to your door.
  7. Consultation from our specialist with 20 years of experience throughout the life of the equipment.
  8. Export to any world countries. Air, sea and road transport with the necessary documents.
  9. Equipment on lease with an advance payment of 10%. Convenient payment schedule. No limit. Approval for three documents: passport, lease agreement and extract. We cooperate with leasing companies.

If you did not find the equipment you need in our catalog, then call +79853643808 or make a request in the tab “Request a Call” and we will definitely offer you what you were looking for, or we will select similar equipment that will suit not only the technical characteristics, but also the price.
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Our service and customer service

Training on our equipment before purchase is possible. Testing of materials. We provide advice on the organization of production of granulation materials, with a full range of additional equipment and consumables. User manual and technical data sheet in English.
We have a test granulator for production of pilot batches, which we provide to our clients. You can always contact us with your ideas and inquiries. Nowadays, the pelletizer manufacturer can offer equipment for large scale pellet production by all methods.
The products are fully compliant with the new GMP requirements. The production of pelletizers is accompanied by strict quality control, verification of all documentation, well-organized after-sales service of the equipment.
The manufacturer can also offer the granulator model according to the customer’s goals and objectives. We will provide assistance in maintenance and repair of any pelletizing equipment.

Pharmaceutical Glossary

Dry granulation  — Technological term used in pharmaceutical granule production. This method can be compared to the grinding of large pieces of raw material into granules of uniform fraction. The principle of rubbing the raw material through a metallized stainless steel mesh is used.
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Technical specifications

Spray type granulator “CJM-40P”
Capacity: 50-160 kg/batch
Capacity for extracts: 20-60 kg/part
Liquid density : ≤1.3 kg/L
Fluidized bed volume : 500 kg
Main fan power : 18.5 / 22 KW
Auxiliary fan power : 1.5 KW
Consumption : 300 kg/hour
Pressure: 0.4-0.6 MPa
Electric heating capacity: 60 KW
Compressed air:
Consumption: 1.1 m3/min.
Pressure: 0.4-0.6 MPa
Operating temperature: Adjustable from room temperature to 120℃
Humidity: ≥2%
Raw material collection: ≥95%
Noise level: ≤70 dB (Exhaust fan separately)
Size with packing: 1630×1200×4020mm
Weight: 1500 kg
Weight with packing: 1800 kg

Additional information

Some of our buyer tips to help expedite your task of selecting a spray granulator. Prepare yourself before making a phone call or submitting an application from the website. Our experts expect to get as many details from you as possible. Make a list of what you have and what you want to end up with. If you send us a picture of similar products, this visualization will help us understand you. It’s great if your message lists specific parameters: include dimensions of everything in question, weight, composition, known problems and shortcomings of products or materials. Any details will speed up understanding and getting our advice in selecting equipment. A spray granulator can be a stand-alone unit or part of an automatic line. Outline your ideas regarding the use of this equipment in your production. Start by describing the task or problem you want to solve, perhaps we will offer a technological solution rather than a technical one. Every day on the market there are new types of equipment, packaging, methods of industrial production, technologies. We will orient you in this and discuss with you ways and methods of solving the tasks.

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