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Modern methods of drying powders

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Modern methods of drying powders

Drying is the process of removing moisture from materials using energy to evaporate the moisture and to remove the resulting vapors. Among the various technological processes of pharmaceutical production, drying is one of the most important operations both at the initial and final stages of pharmaceutical products. The drying process is necessary primarily to remove moisture from the material and bring it to the moisture content specified by the regulations. For example, in the tablet manufacturing process, the resulting dried granules must have a certain moisture content, called residual moisture, prior to the tabletting process.
Residual humidity for each tablet drug is individual and should be optimal, i.e. at which the pressing process runs best, the quality of tablets meets the requirements of the State Pharmacopoeia, and the strength is higher compared to tablets obtained from granules of the same drug, but with a different degree of humidity. Underdried granules stick to the punches of the tablet machine, fill the matrix unevenly and require increased amount of antifriction substances. Over-dried granules are difficult to press and the resulting tablets may have broken edges. The drying process starts with the outer layers and gradually moves inward.

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At the same time, the primary task in drying materials of biological nature is to preserve the original components, nutritional and therapeutic value, as well as organoleptic properties of products. According to the method of heat supply to the dried material, the following types of drying are distinguished: Convective – by direct contact of the dried material with the drying agent, which is more often used heated air or flue gases (usually mixed with air). Contact – by transferring heat from the heat carrier to the material through the wall separating them. Special; radiation – by transferring heat by infrared rays; dielectric – by heating in a field of high frequency currents; freeze drying – drying in a frozen state under deep vacuum. Many types of dryers are used in the pharmaceutical industry. According to the state of the layer of the dried product distinguish dryers with a fixed layer and moving layer of material. Dryers can be batch and continuous. In this section, the most popular drying methods that are used in the production of drugs in modern pharmaceutical plants, namely fluidized bed drying, spray drying and freeze drying, will be considered.

Pharmaceutical Glossary

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Technical specifications

During drying, heat is applied to the product to evaporate water or organic solvent. The drying temperature and its duration depend on the thermolabile nature of the product, the hydrodynamic regime, the product quality requirements and the desired residual moisture content. Since the product cools as the solvent evaporates, in some cases drying can be carried out at relatively high temperatures without overheating the product.
In this case, it is important to ensure intensive heat and mass transfer in the drying process by mixing, carrying out the process in an active hydrodynamic regime, creating a large contact surface of phases. During the thermal drying process, shrinkage of the material is possible, and in case of non-equilibrium heat and mass transfer, the formation of bubbles inside the material or its rupture is possible. The drying process can also be used to impart the necessary properties to the dried products, to obtain dispersed products with a given structure and shape of particles. When drying materials it is necessary to correctly select the method of drying. The choice of a rational drying mode and method of drying can be determined by the properties of a particular material to be dried, the conditions and objectives of this production.

Additional information

When drying powders and granular materials, it is required that the preparation has good bulkiness, does not stick, and has a certain dispersibility. Traceability of powders worsens their technological properties: powders do not lend themselves well to automatic dosing, require additional processing, such as the addition of auxiliary substances. For example, good flowability can be achieved by using a spray dryer. A properly organized drying process can preserve or improve the properties of materials. For example, drying tablet granulate in contact dryers leads to sintering, discoloration, uneven residual moisture content, deterioration of bulkiness, and decomposition of active ingredients. Fluidized bed and spray drying reduces most of these drawbacks. Freeze drying is widely used for drying biologically active drugs, which may lose their biological activity during heat drying. This method of drying requires the investment of large financial and time costs, so it is advisable to use it only in the production of expensive drugs. Today it is especially important to create new drying methods and appropriate equipment for processing thermosensitive materials with the possibility of obtaining a product with specified properties.

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