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СATALOGUE / PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGIES / Mustard patches are a type of rubber patch

Mustard patches are a type of rubber patch

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СATALOGUE / PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGIES / Mustard patches are a type of rubber patch

Mustard patches are a type of rubber patch

They are rectangular sheets of paper 8×12.5 cm, coated on one side with rubber glue and a 0.3-0.5 mm thick layer of defatted mustard seed powder. The powder is obtained from the seeds of black (Semina Sinapis nigra) and Sarepta mustard (Semina Sinapis junceae), which contain the glycoside sinigrin, which is broken down under the influence of the enzyme myrosin into glucose, potassium hydrosulfate and essential mustard oil (allylisothiocyanate).
This very essential mustard oil is what causes severe irritation and redness of the skin. Mustard seeds contain up to 35% fatty oil, the presence of which has a bad effect on the quality of mustard powders, as it causes rancidity of the powder and worsens their therapeutic effect.

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Recently, mustard packets have been produced, which consist of porous packets of mustard powder packed 4 packets at a time on a sheet of laminated paper. They are more convenient than mustard pouches in that the mustard particles do not stick to the skin and do not remain on it after removing the mustard.
Mustard (or mustard packet) immersed in warm water (37 ° C) for 15-20 s and put on the skin side, on which there is a mustard mixture. Mustard and mustard packets should not be used with tuberculosis, cancer, varicose veins and skin lesions. It should also be noted that an allergic reaction may occur at the site where the mustard is applied.

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Technical specifications

Oil from the seeds is first removed by cold pressing, and then its residue is removed by treating the cake with gasoline. A paste is prepared from the obtained defatted powder of mustard cake by mixing it with a solution of rubber in gasoline. The paste is applied with the help of a plastering machine. The technological process of obtaining mustard pastes consists of five stages: preparation of glue – 2% solution of rubber in gasoline, preparation of mustard mass – a mixture of equal parts of mustard powder and glue, smearing the mass on paper and drying the roll in the drying chamber for 45 minutes at an air temperature of 80 “C, while evaporating gasoline residues, cutting the roll and packing mustard pastes. The dried tape is cut on a sheet-cutting machine into sheets, which are cooled for 24 h, and then the sheets are cut into individual mustards; gasoline recovery.

Additional information

Mustards are produced in cellophane bags or paraffin paper bags of 10 pieces. Each tenth mustard on one side has a label, which indicates the method of application. Packages are placed in packs of 600 pieces and stored in a dry place, as in the presence of moisture is hydrolyzed sinigrin and mustard sticks lose their activity. Shelf life of mustard is 8 months. The use of mustard as an irritant is based on the hydrolysis of glycoside sinigrin, which is located in mustard seeds, and the release of mustard essential oil, consisting entirely of allylisothiocyanate. Hydrolysis proceeds only if the emulsion enzyme (myrosin) is preserved in the cake. The quality of mustards is assessed by the content of allylisothiocyanate. In addition, mustard cups are lowered for 6-10 s in water with a temperature of 37 ° C, after which tightly applied to the skin, and mustard mustard should cause a strong burning of the skin no later than 5 min.

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