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Classification of ointments by purpose

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Classification of ointments by purpose

Depending on the purpose of ointments are divided into the following groups: medical ointments – ointments used for treatment, prevention, diagnosis in dermatology, ophthalmology, cardiology, dentistry, obstetrics, gynecology and other areas of clinical medicine. Cosmetic ointments – decorative, therapeutic and preventive, hygienic, for professional cosmetics – are used to soften and nourish the skin. Vitamins contained in them bring these ointments closer to therapeutic ointments. Protective ointments – ointments used as personal protective equipment, ointments-films. They are used to protect hands and exposed parts of the body from the effects of chemical irritants at production facilities and in the home. Electrode ointments – ointments and pastes for registration of biocurrents (physiotherapy, encephalography, electrocardiography, etc.). Their role is to fix electrodes on the body, as well as to improve contact between the skin, mucous membrane and electrodes. Classification of ointments according to the field of application. According to the area of application, there are two groups of ointments: for percutaneous application and percutaneous injection of drugs; for application to the mucous membrane.

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Model: Classification of ointments

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Most of the drugs used are solids, less often – liquids of different viscosity (Burov’s liquid, essential oils, tar, etc.).
Based on the degree of affinity of the properties of drugs and bases, as well as the possibility of dissolution of drugs in the base ointments can be classified by the following signs: by affinity to water – hydrophilic and hydrophobic (lipophilic); by the ability to absorb water and the mechanism of absorption; by type of dispersed systems – single-phase (solutions, alloys), two-phase (emulsions of oil-in-water and water-in-oil types, suspensions, colloidal dispersions of higher fatty alcohols or acids stabilized by hydrophilic surfactants) and multiphase systems (multiple emulsions of oil-water-oil and water-oil-water), as well as combined systems; by rheological properties at specified storage temperature and conditions of use; by concentration and dispersed state of excipients and/or medicinal substances.

Pharmaceutical Glossary

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Technical specifications

The division of ointments according to the place of application is mainly of medical importance, although to some extent determines the choice of technological operations. For example, ointments applied to mucous membranes are particularly sensitive to microorganisms, therefore, they must be prepared under aseptic conditions. Obviously, the dispersibility of drugs in ocular ointments should be much higher than in dermatologic ointments. In addition, the choice of ointment base should be carried out taking into account the place of application of the ointment. Classification of ointments by the nature of action. By the nature and speed of the effect on the body, ointments are divided into two groups: Ointments that have a local (local) effect directly on the upper epidermis layer of the skin or the surface of the mucous membrane. Examples are ointments dermatolovoy, zinc, xeroform, used in the treatment of dermatitis, eczema and other skin diseases. Ointments resorptive action, deeply penetrating into the skin or mucous membrane, reaching the bloodstream and lymph and having a general effect on the whole body or on individual organs. Nitrong ointment is an example.

Additional information

It contains 2% nitroglycerin oil solution and is used for prevention of angina attacks. The ointment is applied to the skin of the chest, abdomen or arm, spread a thin layer and cover with impermeable material (polyethylene film) for better absorption. The effect usually comes in 30-40 minutes and lasts up to 3-5 hours. Classification of ointments by type of ointment bases. The following groups of ointments can be distinguished by the type of bases: hydrophobic ointments; hydrophobic absorbent ointments; hydrophilic ointments. Classification of ointments according to the degree of affinity of the properties of drug substances and ointment bases. In the form of ointments, currently used drugs belonging to almost all pharmacological groups. The most widely used are antiseptics, sulfonamides, hormones and their analogs, antibiotics, vitamins, anesthetics and agents for the treatment of fungal diseases. Being substances of organic or inorganic origin, they have different chemical nature (metal oxides and their salts, acids and bases, esters, etc.), which determines their aggregate state and physicochemical properties.

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