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Tablet and capsule counting and filling machine FD-06


  • Tablet and capsule counting and filling machine FD-06
  • Tablet and capsule counting and filling machine FD-06
  • Tablet and capsule counting and filling machine FD-06

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Tablet and capsule counting and filling machine FD-06

Automatic machine with two rotating disks for counting and filling tablets and gelatin capsules, for installation in a line for filling gelatin capsules and tablets into plastic bottles. The plastic disks have group holes corresponding to the number of tablets or capsules to be filled. Capacity of maximum 50 bottles per minute. The weight of the equipment 370 kg. Made of high quality stainless steel according to GMP standards. User manual and technical data sheet in English.

We provide detailed instructions for operation of the equipment for counting and packing tablets and capsules into bottles and vials. Machines are inspected and tested at the production site before shipment to the customer. Completeness and operability are guaranteed. We maintain a stock of parts and consumables. The price is given including delivery to the city of the buyer.

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  • Information updated : 09 / 07 / 2024
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  • Manufacturer : 1 year for Tablet and capsule counting and filling machine FD-06

Model: Tablet and capsule filling machine FD-06

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Our service and customer service

All our customers who have purchased an automatic line for packing capsules and tablets into plastic bottles, we provide literature on the basics of packaging and capping. We provide consultations by phone and by correspondence, we help to solve difficulties arising during production on our equipment. We supply spare parts and consumables. We provide services to assist in the sale of equipment for the packaging of capsules and tablets into bottles, used. User manual and technical data sheet in English.
We have a wide range of additional equipment for packaging tablets and gelatin capsules. At the customer’s request, we will select the model of counting and filling machine, machines for feeding caps and closures, equipment for sealing the neck of the bottles with membranes to control the first opening, machines for placing in the bottles of bags removing moisture, labeling equipment.
We cooperate with manufacturers of automatic tablet and gelatin capsule filling machines, manual table-top machines for counting tablets and capsules, supply spare parts for tablet and capsule filling equipment purchased from our company.

Pharmaceutical Glossary

Capsule counter  — A type of pharmaceutical packaging equipment. Used for automatic filling of hard and soft gelatin capsules into plastic containers. Packing is carried out by the number of pieces.
Equipment catalog Equipment from Europe Filling equipment Hard gelatin capsules Packing machine Pharmaceutical equipment Pills Tablet counter

Technical specifications

Tablet and capsule counting and filling machine “FD-06”
Types : disk
Number of disks : 2
Hard gelatin capsules : 00,0,1,2,3,4,5
Tablet diameters: 5-23 mm
Capacity : maximum 50 bottles per minute
Bottle throughput: ≥ 99%
Bottle sizes: 15-300 ml
Power supply: 220V, 50Hz,
Power: 1.5 kW
Overall dimensions : 1700mm x 800mm x 1600mm
Weight: 370 kg
Weight with packing: 450 kg

Additional information

The disc counter and filler of tablets and hard gelatin capsules is part of an automatic line for filling tablets and gelatin capsules into plastic bottles with sealing the necks of bottles with aluminum membranes, sealing with caps, sticking self-adhesive labels. The design has replaceable plastic disks in which the number of holes corresponds to the required number of tablets or capsules to be counted and packed into bottles. The holes in the disks are grouped together, which makes it easier to receive portions of tablets or capsules. A set of disks is made for each capsule or tablet size. In two storage hoppers are installed disks for the desired size of capsules or tablets, with groups of holes of the required number of batches. Rotating disk distributes tablets or capsules into the cells, then rotating disk carries tablets or capsules to the outlet. Groups of tablets or capsules are poured into bottles, which are conveyed to the filling area by a conveyor belt. The bottles are then transported to the capping machine.

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