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Vacuum lyophilic freeze dryer LG-10


  • Vacuum freeze-drying freeze-drying LG-10
  • Vacuum freeze-drying freeze-drying LG-10
  • Filling and sealing machine for ampoules
  • Stages of ointments production technology
  • Carton boxes for packaging vials

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Vacuum lyophilic freeze dryer LG-10

Laboratory vacuum freeze-drying lyophilic dryer with an area of 0.2 m2 and a weight of 300 kg. The doors of the drying cabinet and the cooled chamber are made of transparent polymethylmethacrylate for process observation. The number of shelves is 2. Ideal for research laboratories and pilot plants. The freezing chamber is a technical approach that can freeze water-bearing materials in advance, and then elevate the water in vacuum distillation to produce dry powders. After freeze-drying, the items will be better for long-term storage; over time, when water is added, the product can return to its pre-dried state and retain its original chemical and biological characteristics. For thermal material such as antibiotics, vaccines, blood products, enzyme hormones and biological products, lyophilization technology can show its superiority over ultrasonic drying. We provide full service: installation, training, start-up, repair. Compliant with GMP standard. User manual and technical data sheet in English.

Provide detailed instructions for setting up this model of freeze drying. Before shipping dryers are checked and tested in production. Completeness and operability is guaranteed. We maintain a stock of parts and consumables. Price is includes delivery to the city of the buyer.

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  • Information updated : 09 / 07 / 2024
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  • Manufacturer : 1 year for Vacuum lyophilic freeze dryer LG-10

Model: Vacuum lyophilic freeze dryer LG-10

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Training on our equipment before purchase is possible. Testing of materials. We provide advice on the organization of production of lyophilic materials, with a full range of additional equipment and consumables (vials, special stoppers, aluminum caps). User manual and technical data sheet in English.
We have a laboratory test lyophilizer for the production of pilot batches, which we provide to customers. You can always contact us with your ideas and inquiries. Currently, the manufacturer has almost 20 varieties with usable shelf space from 1 m2 to 40 m2.
The products are fully compliant with the new GMP requirements. The production of equipment according to the advanced technology is accompanied by strict quality control, verification of all documentation, well-organized after-sales service of the equipment.
The manufacturer’s company can also modify the parameters of lyophilic drying based on the customer’s goals and objectives. Compared to comparable products, this freeze dryer is characterized by higher efficiency.

Pharmaceutical Glossary

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Technical specifications

Vacuum lyophilic freeze dryer “LG-10”
Drying area: 0.2 m2
Cooler temperature: ≤ -55 ℃ (empty load)
Partition temperature range: -45 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃
Partition layers: 2
Partition space: 70mm
Water Intake Capacity: 3 kg / 24 hours
Loading capacity: 3 liters
Vacuum degree: ≤ 10Pa
Overall dimensions: 600mm x 600mm x 1200mm
Weight: 300 kg
Weight with packaging: 400 kg

Additional information

Freezer model, patented lyophilization structure. Changed the traditional complicated operation to prevent material contamination. The drying automation process is suitable for producing quality products. Freezer with programmable heating shelf control and regulation, can control the temperature precisely. Human-computer interface with widescreen LCD display, curve and data make the information of freeze drying process available. Complete pre-freezing and drying process in one machine. The freeze dryer is equipped with viewing windows, and the drying process is intuitive. The process of this equipment is to place vials of liquid material into the freeze drying chamber and then produce a dried powder. Pre-rinsed and dried glass penicillin vials are used, into which the material is poured. Then the vials are capped with special rubber stoppers having side slits in the part that enters the neck of the vial. Corking is made not to the end but by 50%, only to fix the rubber stopper in the neck of the bottle. Subsequently, the liquid is pumped out of the bottle through these slits by vacuum. In the final stage, after complete dehydration of the material is a complete closure of the plug with hydraulic movable shelves. Thus drying takes place in a vacuum environment, and then the material is finally packed in a vacuum. This allows (unlike other types of similar drying) to keep the material in vacuum for a period of 1-2 years. After the bottles are vacuumized the chamber can be opened and automatic or semi-automatic fixing of the rubber stopper with an aluminum cap can be performed. The caps are put on the neck of the vial and sealed. According to the statements of the manufacturer of the equipment, with such technology it is possible to fully restore the viability of the material after dehydration when opening the vacuum packaging within 4-5 hours. Storage in a vacuum of the material is possible at a temperature not exceeding +36 degrees C. Since in the process of dehydration (water removal) the equipment dehydrates the material, the recovery takes place with distilled water. The removed water is frozen in the chamber, then drained after defrosting and it is possible to control how many ml came out of the dried product, in order to restore later exactly the same amount of water. This is an important point. According to the manufacturer’s statements not all materials can be turned into powder, some biological materials when dehydrated turn into a jelly-like substance, which is also recovered with distilled water. The manufacturer of the equipment has a large laboratory, which together with the experienced production can carry out any research of your material, get samples of products in dried form and packed in vacuum for further research by customers.

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