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Spray drying has become increasingly common in the pharmaceutical industry in recent years due to its versatility and the possibility of drying almost any liquid-fluid objects. It allows to obtain a powdered product with specified structural, disperse and qualitative characteristics. At atomizing method of drying achieves high intensity of moisture evaporation due to fine atomization of the dried material in the drying chamber through which the drying agent moves.
In spray drying, the specific surface area of evaporation reaches such a high value that the drying process is completed extremely quickly (about 10-30 s).
Under conditions of almost instantaneous drying, the surface temperature of the material particles, despite the high temperature of the drying agent (about 150 °C), only slightly exceeds the adiabatic evaporation temperature of the pure liquid. As a result, rapid drying under mild temperature conditions is achieved, allowing to obtain a high-quality powdery product, well soluble and not requiring further grinding. Cold carrier drying is also possible, when the material to be atomized is preheated. Most often atomization is carried out by mechanical and pneumatic nozzles, as well as with the help of centrifugal disks, the rotation speed of which is 4000-20 OOO rpm, the size of droplets – from 1 to 150 microns. A nozzle (from ant. force – to force) is a device for atomizing liquids.

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The disadvantages of spray drying method include contact of thermolabile material with hot drying agent, complexity and high cost of equipment for liquid dispersion and dust collection.
Spray drying has a well-established technology, but traditional spray drying produces only microparticles. Recently, new Techniques and improved equipment are being developed to carry out the spray drying process, the aim of which is to obtain nanosized particles.
For this purpose, the following two conditions must be met: reduce the initial droplet size; use solutions with low solid phase content. It is possible to reduce the droplet size by using new atomizing devices, such as ultrasonic atomizing devices that achieve droplet sizes of 3 µm and below, or electrospray, which gives even smaller droplets. The second condition, low solids content in the solution, ensures that the initial droplet size decreases significantly as the solution is dewatered, yielding nanometer-sized particles. For example, when drying an aqueous solution with solid phase concentration not more than 7 % and initial droplet size of 1.5 microns, it is possible to obtain particles of 100 nm.

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Technical specifications

The fluid supply is pressurized. The nozzle delivers the fluid continuously or intermittently. There are many ways to atomize the liquid.
The choice of type of atomizing device and its design are determined by the properties of the atomized liquid, the need to obtain a homogeneous atomizing plume of a certain dispersion, the required productivity, the degree of complexity of construction and maintenance, as well as the cost. The main indicators of nozzles are atomization rate of liquid, macrostructure (angle and length of the jet; spatial distribution of droplets) and microstructure (size of droplets and their size distribution). The principle of operation of a pneumatic nozzle is based on the fact that compressed air breaks the solution into individual small particles, which is ejected from the nozzle of the nozzle at high velocity and dispersed torch. The position of the nozzle during atomization can be adjusted. Spray dryers operate on the principle of direct current, counter current and mixed current. Design design of spray drying plants is determined by technological requirements (type of product, its thermal lability, viscosity of the liquid, etc.), type of atomizing device, capacity for evaporated moisture and other parameters. Cyclones 6 are used to clean the exhaust air sucked from the tower by the fan. Pumps inject material and air into the pneumatic nozzle (atomization is made in counterflow of the drying agent).


Additional information

The process scheme is as follows: the solution or suspension to be dried is fed through a pneumatic nozzle into the drying chamber. The atomization process produces a large number of polydisperse droplets. The atomized particles have a large surface area, which results in intensive heat and mass transfer with the drying agent entering the chamber through the nozzle. They quickly lose moisture and in a few seconds spherical porous granules are formed from the suspended suspension of dewatered droplets, which fall to the bottom of the chamber and fall into a container for product collection. The granules have good friability and compressibility, so tablets produced from such granulate have high strength and compressibility at low pressures. Single-section, unidirectional (direct flow of suspension droplets relative to the coolant flow) dryers are also used in the spray granulation process, which will be discussed in the next section.
The specificity of the process determines a number of characteristic advantages of the spray drying method: high quality of the dry product; high intensity of heat and mass transfer between the dispersed material and the heat transfer gas, determined by the degree of dispersibility of the material, gas temperature and hydrodynamic features of the apparatus; possibility of process control; continuity of drying.

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