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Powders are packaged in the following materials. Paper capsules. For their manufacture are used: glued paper is a cellulose mass with a glued layer of animal glue. Such paper is used mainly for packaging hygroscopic and nonvolatile powders; waxed and paraffin paper is glued paper impregnated with wax or paraffin. Since it is impervious to moisture and gases, it is used for packaging hygroscopic substances (eufylline) as well as substances that are altered by air oxygen and carbon dioxide.

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  1. Step-by-step assessment of your task by experts and a detailed discussion of solution options within 24 hours.
  2. Company selection manufacturer and negotiations with selected provider.
  3. Selection, optimal for the client, payment scheme and delivery time.
  4. Assume responsibility and risks for delivery, insurance and customs cargo clearance in USA. Further transit to countries.
  5. Receiving and checking equipmentbefore sending with a video report.
  6. On arrival in USA delivery of equipment to your door.
  7. Consultation from our specialist with 20 years of experience throughout the life of the equipment.
  8. Export to any world countries. Air, sea and road transport with the necessary documents.
  9. Equipment on lease with an advance payment of 10%. Convenient payment schedule. No limit. Approval for three documents: passport, lease agreement and extract. We cooperate with leasing companies.

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The last step is to seal the bag. There are several sealing options: welded seam or a combination of welded seam and reusable zipper. Recently it has become very popular to install valves with a screw plug, which are sealed after filling. Gelatin capsules – this type of packaging has a number of advantages: protects the mucous membrane of the digestive tract from irritation, promotes the passage of drugs (pancreatin) in unchanged form through the stomach, masks unpleasant odor or taste of the drug (quinine, extract of male fern). Gelatin capsules are convenient for dispensing hygroscopic substances.

Pharmaceutical Glossary

Airtight packaging  — A technological term used in pharmaceutical packaging of medicines. It is used by experts to refer to the creation of the best conditions for the preservation of medicines in plastic, paper and glass containers.
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Technical specifications

Such packaging is not suitable for camphor and menthol, which dissolve in wax and paraffin. Such substances as analgin, glucose, dibazol, dimedrol, etc. are dispensed in paraffin paper capsules; parchment paper – obtained from unglued paper treated with sulfuric acid. Recommended for packing powders containing menthol, camphor and other substances soluble in wax and paraffin. It is used for packing oily and adhesion-prone powders. Cellophane is acetylcellulose films impregnated with cellulose varnish to reduce moisture permeability.

Additional information

Used in the same applications as parchment paper. Vials with lapped corks – used for packaging powders with volatile substances. Sachet bags (from French “sack”) – are formed from multilayer * polymer films or combined materials, which may include foil, paper, fabric, etc. The number and properties of the layers (material structure) are determined by the features that the packaging material must have. After the package is formed, it is filled. Depending on the properties of the product being packaged, filling can be done with a volumetric or screw dispenser, a flow meter-based dispenser, a piece dispenser, etc.

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