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Automatic dosing and packaging equipment for pharmaceutical products

Equipment for packaging and sealing in a large package XY-8A


  • Equipment for packaging and sealing in a large package
  • Packing Crispy Air Food

The packaging and sealing equipment in the large XY-8A package is used for packaging crispy air foods, peanuts, corn, oatmeal, coffee, sugar, granular flavors, etc. It can also be used for packing powders, when replacing a filling device. Automatic packaging process: dosing, filling, cutting, counting of finished products and printing of serial numbers. Includes a state-of-the-art microcomputer controller for controlling and monitoring packet length with stable performance and accurate testing. The equipment is easy to operate. Intelligent temperature controller PID controller provide temperature accuracy within 1 ℃.

High Speed ​​Cellophosphator BSP-36


  • High speed cellophanator
  • Packaging boxes in cellophane

The BSP-36 high-speed cellophanator is intended for wrapping medicines in thin boxes, which are located in a group of several layers and several rows at the same time. This machine for group packaging forms a set of boxes with injections, lozenges, capsules, ointments, eye drops and other products and wraps the film in a common package. This model operates at a constant speed of 17-36 packs / min and can make up a production line in conjunction with a cartoning machine having a speed of 150-250 boxes / min. The patented technology of a high-speed packaging machine with a pallet will perform all types of packaging, for example, 1 × 10, 2 × 5, 1 × 5, replacing similar equipment from Germany. This packaging process is called “cold packaging” due to the lack of temperature transfer. Without shrinkage, the machine can maintain a nominal power of 9 kW per hour (relative to the shrink machine and the machine for packing cigarettes in transparent film), and thus reduce the cost of one package. It…

High Speed ​​Cellophane BSP-45


  • High speed cellophanator
  • Group box packaging

BSP-45 high-speed cellophanator, depending on the size of the package and the speed of the production line, groups a set of boxes in a pallet, transports and wraps it with foil. Uses polyethylene (POE) stretch film for packaging. It is used in light and food industries, catering systems, in the chemical, medical and other industries for group packaging of boxes. For thin packaging of 1 × 10 boxes, a regulatory code system is used. Machine synchronization and PLC control ensure safety. All types of products can be packaged by changing various patterns. Conservation of resources and increased efficiency is associated with the rationality and stability of the structure of the machine. Choose from: stainless steel / carbon steel, control buttons / computer control, cost-effective components / advanced components, single product packaging / multiple product packaging.

Equipment for food packaging in a triangular package XY-6M


  • Equipment for packaging food in a triangular package
  • Food packaging in a triangular bag

The XY-6M triangular bag food packaging equipment is designed to pack pellets, short strips of pressed material (food), slices of solid material (food), medical and chemical products such as bulk food, peeled shrimp, peanuts, popcorn , oatmeal, seeds, sugar, etc. according to customers requirements. Also, when changing the filling device, it can pack liquid substances and powders. The equipment has many functions, including forming a package, weighing the product being packaged, filling, sealing and sealing, cutting, counting finished products, printing codes, and so on. It uses advanced micro-computer control systems, a stepper motor, can control the length of the bag and the position of the logo (brand). The equipment is characterized by high stability, simple parameter settings, accurate dosing of the material and positioning of the packaging material. At the request of customers, it can be equipped with a printing device and a device for cutting tags ...

Universal Automatic Packaging Machine SJB-25E


  • Universal automatic packaging equipment
  • Type Pharmaceutical Packaging

The universal automatic packaging equipment SJB-25E is intended for repeated packaging of pharmaceutical preparations in a package of the “pillow” type. This method of packaging significantly improves the protection of products from moisture and from exposure to light. The equipment is equipped with a speed controller, PLC controller, has a cliché photoelectric register and solid roller ink for printing the serial number. Suitable for packaging various types of Aluminum / Plastic blister plates, can also be used for food packaging. It is controlled directly from the display screen to automatically adjust the packet length.

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