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Automatic equipment for packaging boxes in cellophane film

Vertical cellophane machine BSP-33


  • Vertical cellophane machine
  • Film wrapping

The BSP-33 vertical cellophane machine, depending on the size of the package and the speed of the production line, groups a set of boxes, wraps it with a film and seals it using plastic (POE) stretch film for packaging. It is used in light and food industries, catering systems, in the chemical, medical and other industries for group packaging of boxes. For thin packaging of 1 × 10 boxes, a regulatory code system is used. It can be connected with all types of cartoning machines for pilot production, as well as with the line of final products. Neat and tight packaging after wrapping, the width of the packaging film can be chosen arbitrarily. Italian sealing technology. You can order basic equipment depending on the available workspace, suitable for creating a production line, easy to change the template. The use of stepless speed control allows you to achieve a stable continuous operation. PLC control, free upgrade. Low noise, energy saving, ...