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Tablet Making Machines

Pharmaceutical extruder


  • Pharmaceutical extruder
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The extrudate is obtained as a result of punching on special devices - extruders. After extrusion (punching), either cutting or spherizing of the microspheres occurs, followed by drying. For the extrusion process, screw (5-15 atm.) And radially extruding extruders are used. In a screw extruder, the screw rotates in the drum and material is forced through holes in the plate at the end of the drum. In a radially extruding extruder, the extrudate extends radially and exits through the holes. The advantages of the extruders presented are as follows: ensuring good mixing; high productivity in continuous production; the possibility of using the generated heat; easy cleanability and interchangeability of internal parts. The disadvantage is the formation of stagnant zones.

Eccentric Tablet Machine


  • Eccentric Tablet Machine
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The eccentric machine is a one-position machine in which, when performing basic operations, the processing objects (tablets) do not carry out traffic. Each operation of the technological cycle is performed by a separate actuator: loading (batching), pressing, ejecting mechanisms. For such machines, it is typical that all tablets are produced on one set of a press tool.

Rotary Tablet Machines


  • Rotary tablet machines
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Rotational tablet machines (RTMs), unlike eccentric machines, have a large number of dies and punches. Matrices are mounted in a rotating matrix table. The pressure in the RTM increases gradually, which provides a soft and uniform pressing of the tablets. RTMs have high productivity (up to 0.5 million tablets per hour). The technological cycle of tableting on RTM consists of a series of sequential operations: Filling the matrices with tableted material (volumetric dosing method). Actually pressing. Pushing out. Dropping pills. Operations are performed sequentially in automatic mode. The upper and lower punches slide along the guides (capirs) and pass between the press rollers, which exert simultaneous pressure on them. The pressure increases and decreases gradually, which leads to uniform and soft pressing of the tablet from above and from below. Depending on the type, such machines can be equipped with one or two fixed feed hoppers. Loading hoppers can be installed ...