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Pharmaceutical Automation

CC-80 Series A Rotary Tablet Press


  • Tablet manufacturing equipment
  • Pressed tablets

The CC-80 Series A rotary tablet press is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry, but is also suitable for use in the chemical, electrical, metallurgical and food industries. The equipment can compress almost any type of raw material into various types of tablets: round cylindrical tablets, curly tablets, double-embossed tablets, and can also be configured to press any shape and size of tablets in accordance with the needs of manufacturers. The 80 series is particularly well suited for pharmaceutical research centers, university laboratories, hospitals, and pharmacies that require large-scale production. Allowable fluctuation in the weight of one tablet within 1% of the average weight of the tablet (Pharmacopoeia 2%), the difference in weight of one tablet: lower 0.3 g, ± 5% (Pharmacopoeia 7.5%), upper: 0.3g, ± 3% ( Pharmacopoeia 5%), the percentage of passage of the final product: 99%. All molds and other parts in contact with the raw materials are made of stainless ...

Modernization of pharmaceutical processes


  • We upgrade production
  • Modernization
  • Modernization of pharmaceutical production
  • Tablet pressing binder
In the pharmaceutical market, equipment manufacturers are trying to upgrade existing facilities and design new advanced models. Meet the modern requirements of pharmaceutical production. These requirements are ergonomic, flexible, customizable. To reduce production space, modularly designed plants with a short commissioning time and quick replacement of apparatus components are being introduced into modern production. Thus, the fundamental principle for many manufacturers of modern equipment is to assemble all the elements of the device into the concept of a single module, which will significantly save resource and energy consumption, production space. So, in one device several processes can be combined: the process of mixing and granulating, drying and dusting.

Pharmaceutical Technology


  • Pharmaceutical technology
  • Freeze drying
  • Technology
  • Pharmaceutical Technology
Currently, issues of improving the quality of human life play a huge role in the life of modern society. Of particular importance is the development and improvement of such an industry as pharmaceuticals. The creation of innovative technologies and equipment, the receipt of highly effective new-generation drugs with selective or prolonged action - all this is in the focus of close attention of the entire world community. One of the main issues in the development of modern pharmaceuticals in Russia at a new qualitative level and the solution to the problem of providing medicines to the population is to expand the range of Russian-made drugs. An increase in the share of domestic drugs in the Russian pharmaceutical market, especially innovative developments, is impossible without the commissioning of the latest equipment and modern pharmaceutical technologies. Russia has enormous scientific potential, has very good schools of chemistry and biology, without which the development of modern pharmaceutical science is impossible. A combination of the various factors mentioned above, and ...

Organization of output quality control of products


  • Quality control
  • Organization of exit control
  • Organization of output quality control of products
  • Direct compression pharmaceutical powders
At each enterprise that produces drugs, there is a quality control department (QCC), independent of other divisions. The head of this department must have the necessary experience and qualifications. The quality control department includes one or more control laboratories. To perform its functions, the department must be provided with all necessary resources. Internal production control is carried out according to the control points specified in the industrial regulations.