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Expiration date and numbering devices

Manual printer expiration date and release date LA-01


  • Equipment for applying the expiration date and release date
  • Equipment for applying the expiration date and release date

Universal automatic manual device for printing on any surface of the expiration date and production date. Guide rollers are available for sliding on the surface when printing. Printing with an inkjet printer with heat-resistant ink. Portable, economical and easy to operate, the machine is used in the medical and food industry for beverage labeling, in the chemical industry, electronics and other industries. Printing speed 30 meters per minute. We provide a full range of services: installation, training, start-up, repair. Instructions for use in English and Russian. Conforms to the GMP standard. We provide detailed instructions for setting up this model of the coding machine. Before shipping, machines for printing expiration dates are checked and tested in production. Completeness and performance guaranteed. We maintain stock of parts and consumables at the warehouse. The price is inclusive of customs payments in Russia and delivery to the buyer's city.